Media Room Designs for South Tampa’s Beach Style Homes

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Integrated media rooms are becoming increasingly popular in Tampa, Florida homes.  The primary benefits of these systems is that they can increase your homes resale value and of course enhance your enjoyment of watching movies and your favorite TV programs.  Because of the high cost of homes near the beach, square footage might not allow for a full blown theater room.

Below are some tips you can utilize to design a high performance home entertainment system in an existing room.  Innovative Sight & Sound specializes in these types of systems and can guide you through the entire process.

1. Choose Your Media Room Location

The first step in the process is to pick the room.  The two primary considerations when choosing a location for your room are sound and ambient light.  Since windows are everywhere in most Florida homes you can utilize automated shading to control the amount of light that enters the room if necessary.

Sound can be a bit more challenging.  To reduce the amount of sound that carries throughout the house we can utilize acoustical treatments and sound dampening materials.  Because so many homes in the Tampa area use tile and hard surfaces for the floor, it can sometimes help to bring in soft fabric furniture or a rug to help absorb some of this sound.  This not only reduces sound throughout the house, but can also improve sound quality of the systems itself.

2.  Playroom or Parents Only?

The purpose of the room should be clear.  Will this room be strictly used as a playroom for the kids and their friends?  Or perhaps it’s a no-kid zone just for adults.  What sort of programming will you be watching?  Sporting events, kids shows, movies?  Will the room have a video game system?

Once you know how the room will be used Innovative Sight & Sound can help you choose the proper equipment to suit your budget.  From wiring to installation and programming our Tampa team takes care of everything for you.

3. Give Your Room a Theme

To really set your room apart you can incorporate a theme into your room design.  We work hand in hand with your interior designer and architect to ensure the atmosphere in this room meets your design needs.  While home theaters often use specific seating, media rooms might incorporate large sofas or even plush beanbags.

Some of our customers don’t want any technology showing in the room when it’s not in use.  By incorporating hidden TVs, in ceiling and in-wall speakers we can make your system completely disappear.  When you’re ready to turn it on the shades go down, the TV pops up, and your home entertainment experience begins.

4.  Simple Control

The hallmark of any well designed system is simplicity of control.  Our one-touch controls allow even the least technical person to get full enjoyment from their system.  When you’re ready to watch something, simply press the “Watch TV” button and we’ll handle the rest.

To learn how Innovative Sight & Sound can design your perfect home entertainment solution contact us today.