The Benefits of Motorized Window Treatments

motorized window treatments

Motorized blinds and shades may seem like a luxury item, but they actually offer a whole host of practical benefits.  This is especially true for homes along the coast that receive a great deal of sunshine.  

Let's take a look at a few of the practical benefits of installing an automated shading system in your home.


Want to open the shades or blinds from the comfort of your seat? Not a problem. Our window coverings can be operated from anywhere using your tablet or smartphone. No more annoying glare when e njo ying your favorite movie or sporting event on your home theater system.

Automated control is ideal for windows that are either too high to reach, or are located behind a couch or other types of furniture. Rather than straining to reach them or just leaving them closed all the time, use a remote to lift and lower them with ease.

Window treatments can also be controlled using wall switches or incorporated into scenes of a lighting control system.‚Äč


Do you enjoy waking up to the sunrise but prefer to keep the shades closed during the night? A programmable timer can schedule your blinds to open each morning at a time of your choosing, and close again at night.

Extend the Life of Your Window Treatments

Motorized operation of your shades and blinds places less wear and tear on them than does manual operation


Since no cords are necessary to operate automated window coverings, they are a safer choice for households with small children or pets.