Audio Visual Consultant: Customized Whole House AV Solutions

The ideal home A/V solution is the one that makes the smallest impact on the overall look of your home.  Many of today's homes have TV's in nearly every room, and if not properly laid out and installed, this can be overwhelming.

In the old days having a TV installed in each room generally meant you needed to have all the other necessary equipment in the room with the TV.  This might have included a cable box, DVD player, and perhaps even surround sound components.

Distributed audio & video systems allow us to eliminate all of this additional equipment leaving you with just the TV on the wall and hidden speakers in the ceiling.  And there is no loss in video or sound quality.

Whole House Audio & Video Systems

Using solutions from manufacturers like Control4, Innovative Sight & Sound can integrate an audio/video system that minimizes the impact on your home's decor.

All of your source equipment (cable boxes, blu-ray players, AppleTV's etc) can be stored in a central location.  This not only keeps all of this equipment out of sight, but it also simplifies service. 

Simple, Intuitive Control

Using a smart home controller we can then remotely control all of these pieces of equipment using one intuitive remote.

What good is having a smart home system if it isn't easy to use.  We specialize in one-touch controls that allow you to quickly and easily access everything from your favorite movies and TV shows to your favorite music and more.

Audio Video Installation

Whether you're looking for a small living room surround sound system to a full blown whole house system with custom home theater, we can handle every aspect of your project.  Our team has decades of experience working in high-end homes.

Our specialties include:

Our Charleston South Carolina Location

Our location in Charleston serves the city and all of it's surround suburbs and islands.  We are proud to offer all of our technology integration services.  If you are looking for a simple residential audio video solution for your home please give us a call today.

Our Clearwater Florida Location

Located in Clearwater, our office provides home theater installation, home automation, and security solutions such as alarms and security cameras.  If you're starting a project in the Tampa area give us a call to schedule a free consultation.