Visit Downtown Charleston’s Classic Carriage Works

A carriage on display in Charleston

Charleston classic carriage works provides house carriage tours in Charleston, South Carolina. The classic carriage works company offers carriage services as one tours the city of Charleston. The perfect way to tour the historic districts and streets of Charleston is by a horse. The classic carriage works also provides people with an enriched history of Charleston city. There are good horses at the company and good guided services. The carriage works is at the most oldest horse stable in Charleston city.

Take a Tour of Downtown Charleston

The classic Carriage works company tours are done in rounds. The first tour starts at 9:30 am. The last tour of the day is at 5 pm and during the winter seasons; the last tour takes off at 4 pm. For groups of people the company advises people to book online or make reservations by calling the offices. The office operates between 8:30 am to 5:30pm.

The carriage works company also has private tour services, which are also booked online or reserved. The private tours include wedding carriage services or events.

An overview of the history of the city of Charleston that covers events that occurred during the colonial times is provided at the classic carriage works. Adults are charged $26 and children are charged $16. For children below the age of three no charging is imposed. They are given free rides but they are to sit on someone’s lap.

The company advises people to book or reserve a time that one can confirm thirty minutes before taking the tour. This is because their services are based on horse carriage and sometimes time can differ during the day. The tours can begin 30 minutes before or after the time you had scheduled for but there is a 100% guarantee on their bookings. If the tour does not take place during the time scheduled, before, or after thirty minutes you will be refunded and you will still be given a tour.

Prices and Schedules

There is a discount off on the tours that start at 9:30 am. Adults get to pay $21 instead of $26. The discount applies to the month of March to the month of January 1 and the tour starts at 9:30 am strictly. Limited seats on the early bird special for the early arrivals, which applies daily.

Reservations are done on Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 11 am. Reservations for private tours are done on the rest of the days apart from the days the normal reservations take place.

The classic carriage works celebrated their 150th anniversary in 2011 for the commemorating of the civil war. They celebrated the day by providing a civil war carriage tour service. The tour takes one hour where you will be taught the enriched history of the war between different States. Classic carriage works invites all to come, learn, understand their historic stories, and get to be carried by a horse as they experience visually the traditions of Charleston city.

Contact Information and Directions

Classic Carriage Works
10 Guignard Street,
Charleston, SC 29401

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