The Practical Applications of a Smart Lighting System

Control4 smart lighting keypads

We all know that the lighting system in our homes or offices has the ability to function practically as well as aesthetically. Lighting control system, in fact, fulfills both these needs by illuminating the living area as per the control of the homeowner directly.

Featuring latent memory capacity, light controlling systems these days can be operated in unison with the home automated programs which control the lighting system with either sensors or preset timers. Thus, not only the homeowner, but also the households enjoys the integrated, multi-functional lighting and designing solutions.

Long Term Energy Savings

A home automation lighting control system helps the homeowners with a long-term, accumulated savings when it comes to the power costs. Advanced lighting systems contain astronomical timers because of which, these systems can control both indoor as well as outdoor lighting power and brightness levels. Additionally, these can manage mechanical window shades and curtains by setting either the time intervals or through touch pads or remotes.

The lighting control systems can also function as per the light or heat sensors, thus naturally responding to the environment. These systems may look sophisticated but work efficiently and safe the electricity bills by 40%.

Enhance The Look of Your Home

Lighting control systems are the best way to create one-touch control over interior lighting, thus making it really easy for the homeowners these days to amend lights in any corner of the house. The added advantage of these systems is that these can be operated from wall-mounted panels and hand-help devices with an equal frequency. That means, one can adjust the lighting of the living room, while being in the bedroom.

Since lighting systems offer many options to adjust brightness, shadow and color combination, thus one can set the environment as per the mood or event. Connected directly to the home automation network, the lighting systems offer an excellent background theme for a home theater and stereo system alike. So, anyone can set the lighting effect as per the music theme in order to create theatre like effects in the home.

Enhanced Security

The lighting control system may also work hand to hand with the security alarm system. In case of a home invasion, the lighting system can lend functionality to the security alarm system and turn the lights on or off.

At Innovative Sight & Sound we are proud to offer lighting products from both Control4 and Lutron.

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