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Integrating the shades and blinds of your home into your automation system enables you to further enhance energy savings and security.  But what are automated window treatments and how do they work?

Traditional window treatments require you to open and close them manually.  We're all familiar with the cord on the curtains that when pulled down opens the drapes and when release closes them.  While they are effective at blocking light and helping to reduce heat transfer, they require manual operation EVERY TIME you want to open or close them.

Electric shades take this one step farther.  You have remote controls that allow you to press a button and raise or lower the shades to whatever level you like.  These are much more convenient, but still require you to operate the remote whenever you want to adjust the window treatments.  ​

Integrating Your Shades With Your Home Automation System

Now lets talk about fully automated shades and blinds.  These products can be controlled using a remote control just like electric shades.  But they can also be controlled by your home automation system.  This has several key advantages:

  • they can adjust themselves based on the amount of light entering the room
  • they can raise or lower based on the time of day
  • you can control them individually or all at once​
  • they can automatically lower when you begin watching TV or a movie

During the hot days of the summer direct sunlight can cause temperatures in your house to increase dramatically.  

Our automated shading solutions can be operated by remote control, wall switches, timers, and sunlight sensors adding energy efficiency and convenience to any room of your home.  For more about home automation click here.

Benefits of Automated Window Treatments

Motorized window shades and blinds are a convenient and practical solution for a wide variety of situations. They allow you to quickly and easily adjust the light levels in a room without using additional energy.  They can also enhance the safety of your home by lowering to prevent prying eyes from seeing in at night.  Here are few more benefits of motorized shades.

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A control system can monitor sunlight and close motorized blinds and shades during the hottest part of the day. This can reduce heat transfer and also reduce your energy costs.

Shades and blinds also enhance your home's privacy and security. They can be programmed to raise and lower at specific times of day when you're using certain rooms. And while you're out of town they can be lowered to reduce the chance of prying eyes.

Installation of Motorized Shades and Blinds

​There are a couple different options when it comes to installing motorized shades and blinds in your home.  The first is during construction.  We handle running wires to every shade location.  These are tied into the home automation system allowing for complete independent control of each device.

The second option is to use wireless shades or blinds.  These are battery powered and can be installed whenever you like.  Each of the shades communicates with a wireless controller that gives you the same functionality as a wired system.  The only difference is that the wireless systems require batteries.​

One of our favorite product lines for both applications is Lutron.​

Where to Find Our Installation Services

We're happy to offer shade control solutions at all three of our locations.  For information on shades in Charleston click here.  To contact us in Clearwater about shading solutions click here.  And to talk to us about implementing automated window treatments along the Emerald Coast of Florida click here.

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