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Innovative Sight & Sound is the leading home technology integrator in the Tampa area. With nearly ten years of experience implementing custom home theaters, home automation, lighting, motorized shades, and alarm systems in coastal-style homes we have perfected the art of integrating the technology our clients want without impacting the carefully designed and crafted look of their homes.

The foundation of our philosophy is that technology should enhance your enjoyment of your home, but should not heavily impact the look. To this end we work closely with architects, builders, interior designers and decorators to achieve a seamless installation that both meets your home entertainment needs but also keeps technology where it belongs; in the background.

Years of experience has taught us that ease-of-use and reliability are key to the enjoyment of any home-based technology. For this reason we use only trusted brands with proven track records. These include Control4, Savant, Sonos, Bowers & Wilkins, Rotel, and Lutron to name a few.

Last but not least, providing responsive and efficient service is what built our business into what it is today. We take pride in continuously surpassing our clients expectations, enabling them get the most enjoyment from their investment. Your home is your sanctuary. Technology should enhance your enjoyment of it, not create additional layers of complexity. Our goal is to design and implement systems that enable you to easily control your entire environment from one interface.

Our Clearwater office proudly serves greater Tampa area including Clearwater, Bradenton, Sarasota and St. Petersberg. If you are in the process of building or remodeling a home or if you're just looking to update your existing system please give us a call today at 727.539.0000. You can also reach us via email at anthony@beinnovative.com. Mention that you found us online and we'll do a complete system design free of charge.

Audio Video Installation Services

Whole House Audio - Enjoy listening to music from any room of your house. We have several solutions that allow you to quickly and easily select the music you want. In newer homes we use in-ceiling and in-wall speakers. For existing homes we can retrofit speakers, or offer wireless solutions that provide amazing sound quality.

Custom Theaters - Nothing makes a the movie experience more complete than a dedicated theater room. Our custom theater installation team offers everything from design to installation of cutting edge surround sound systems. For those that want the full effect we even offer theater seating.

Surround Sound Systems - Not everyone wants a full blown theater room.  By utilizing in-wall or in-ceiling speakers we can turn your living room into a high performance surround sound system.   We specialize in helping our clients maintain the look they want while getting the performance they crave.  Ask us about options like art-screens to hide your TV, or invisible speakers that can even be painted to match the walls.  

Smart Home Automation Systems

What is home automation?  Your home contains a wide variety of systems that have historically operated independently of one another.  An automated home is one in which a central computer monitors and controls all of these systems.  This enables each system to become more efficient and useful.  It can have many beneficial impacts ranging from improvements in energy efficiency, improved aesthetics, and enhanced control.  

A well designed automation system should make controlling and interacting with your home more convenient and efficient.  Devices that are typically controlled include audio video systems, interior and exterior lighting, heating and cooling systems, pools and hot tubs, motorized window shades, and security systems.

Lighting Control Systems - Lighting is one of the most important ways to enhance the look of your home. Our lighting systems allow you to completely customize lighting levels while at the same time conserving energy.

Imagine stepping into your home and pressing one button to turn on all the necessary lights in the house.  Tired of walking around the house at night turning off all the lights before bed?  Imagine pressing a "Bed Time" button that does all of this for you.  We can even program the system to leave the hall lights on at a low level in case someone has to get up in the middle of the night.

Automated lighting systems can also enhance the security of your home even when you're not there.  They can "learn" your behaviors and mimic the turning on and off of lights while you're out of town.  This gives the appearance that someone is always home.

Automated and Motorized Shades - Conserving energy is good for the environment and good for your wallet.  An automated shade system can adjust the amount of light coming into a room to help control the temperature.  This means the heating and cooling system doesn't have to run as often.  

Shades can also be used for privacy purposes.  With the simple touch of a button you can raise and lower your shades whenever you want.

Climate Control - Integrating your heating and cooling system into your smart home can offer dramatically increased efficiencies.  Sensors can detect when a room is occupied or unoccupied and adjust the temperature accordingly.  The HVAC system can also be tied into the alarm system so that when a door is left open the air conditioning won't continue to run.  

The ablity to control the HVAC system from a smartphone or tablet means that you can adjust the temperature of your home even when your'e not there.  Forget to turn the air off before leaving town on vacation?  No worries, simply log into your home remotely and turn it to vacation mode.

Home Security Systems and Landscape Lighting

Landscape Lighting - the saltwater air of the beach environment is hard on anything outdoors and lights are no exception. We offer a line of outdoor lighting that is designed to hold up to the worst of what Mother Nature can offer.

Alarm Systems - knowing your home is safe, whether you are there or not is crucial. We offer full security systems and monitoring services to protect your investment around the clock. Everything from basic alarm systems to web cameras that allow you to closely monitor your property any time you wish.

Also check out our Destin Office and our Charleston installation team.

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