About Us


Innovative strives to enhance people’s lives at work and at home through helping them find more time, convenience, and enjoyment. We do this through integrating technology solutions that are simple, reliable, and scalable into people’s everyday lives.


Innovative Sight & Sound is the brainchild of two high school friends. Scott Allen and Jason Gshwandtner started their first business together in the summer of 1994 immediately after graduating high school. S & J Lawn Service quickly became the premiere lawn service in the Birmingham, AL area.

Alas college soon called. And much to the dismay of their loyal clients, after only 3 months, S & J Lawn Service was closed down for the pursuit of higher education. But the experience left an indelible mark on both budding entrepreneurs. After graduating college and spending time in the corporate technology sector, both Scott and Jason soon pined for the days of business ownership. And over frosty adult beverages in an Irish Pub just outside Atlanta, the dream of Innovative Sight and Sound was born.

30A Outdoor TV


Our philosophy is to transcend the archetypal relationship between homeowner and low-voltage contractor. Success in the home technology industry requires a consistent commitment to providing the best possible service. We strive to provide simple and reliable systems that enhance our client’s enjoyment of their free time. This ensures a lasting relationship and provides our customers with a trusted resource as their lifestyle and technology needs change.



We are committed to acting with honor and truthfulness both personally and professionally 


We believe in going above and beyond to help people with our expertise and skills.


We have a constant mindset of creative problem solving and implementing new solutions


In everything we do, we strive to do it with outstanding quality and attention to detail


We want to connect with our customers and bring them value as a long term partner and provider

Our Location Managers

Santa Rosa Beach Location Manager

Ryan Canterbury |  30A / Destin, FL

Atlanta Location Manager

Jay Ferebee | Atlanta

AJ Keith | Birmingham, AL

Charleston Location Manager

Ryan Henley | Charleston, SC

Anthony DiMicco | Tampa/ Clearwater, FL