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Innovative uses Josh.AI to connect you with all the smart devices in your home. Using your voice, Josh can turn on and off your lights, change the temperature, play music, and more, whether you’re home or away. Josh is built to understand natural language and learn from you as time goes on.

Voice Control Integration from Josh.AI

By utilizing advanced AI technologies, including natural interfaces like voice and touch, Josh orchestrates the technology in all aspects of your home to deliver an exciting and effortless living experience.

Josh was designed to be used by everyone in your home – all ages and life stages – by simply using your voice like you would in speaking to a family member or friend.
Josh learns without being intrusive or obnoxious. If you like the shades closed on a hot afternoon, Josh will take note of that preference.
Privacy is our number one concern. Your data will never be sold or used for advertising—we use it to make your home experience better.
Josh is always learning and growing. The more you interact with your home, the more it will become a true smart home.

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