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Integrating today's home technologies requires balancing the right product mix, technical know-how, and, most importantly, a commitment to service.    Innovative Sight & Sound is proud to serve Florida's Emerald Coast including Santa Rosa Beach, Destin, and all of 30A.

30A's Best Home Automation Company

10 inch touch panel from Control4

A solid smart home system is easy to use, reliable and cost effective.  Control4 is the leader in cutting edge and RELIABLE smart home equipment.  We use their products exclusively as they offer our clients a robust solution with minimal downtime and lots of functionality.

Intuitive touchscreens and remotes allow you to control everything from TV's and home audio to lights, HVAC and even your pool.  Forget using multiple remotes, we keep it simple.

Automated Lighting Control Systems

Automated lighting puts control of all the lights in your home at the tip of your finger.  No more flipping multiple switches overtime you enter a room.  Simply press one button on a keypad and the lights come on exactly the way YOU want.

We can even retrofit your home with a complete system using wireless lighting solutions.  They offer all the functionality of traditional systems and allow you to add only the lights you want to control.

Motorized Shades & Blinds

Automated shades and blinds from Lutron and Control4 allow you to conserve energy year round.  Timers raise and lower the shades based on the position of the sun.  We have a wide variety of custom options to match the look of any home, including wireless options that allow you to pick and choose where you want to automate.

You can even lower the shades to reduce glare during your favorite TV show without leaving the comfort of your seat.

Climate (HVAC) Control

Automated climate control allows you to set the temperature for any room in the house.  You can even make adjustments from your phone while outside the house.  Great for when you're out of town and forgot to turn the air down.

We can work directly with your HVAC company to ensure a seamless integration with complete control.  

Control Your Pool and Spa

Want to turn your hot tub on so it's hot when you arrive at the beach?  No problem.  With a pool and spa control system you can ensure everything is turned off after you leave as well.  

If you rent your house you can even check to ensure the guests have turned everything off when leaving.

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Santa Rosa Beach's Best Home Cinema Installation Team

home theater installation on 30A

Looking for the ultimate home theater experience?  We can design, install and calibrate the home theater system of your dreams.  Imagine the performance of a commercial theater in your home.

High Performance Surround Sound Systems

A well-designed home theater offers an incredible surround sound experience.  We use only the best speakers, processors, and amplifiers ensuring you get the most bang for your buck.  Our manufacturers include Bowers & Wilkins, Sony, Rotel, and Digital Projections.  

Media Room Design & Installation

Perhaps you don't have room for dedicated theater.  That doesn't mean you can't enjoy your favorite movies and TV shows.  We can design a media room system that blends into the decor of a living room, family room, or den.  You'll be amazed at how good it sounds, and she'll be amazed at how discrete it is.

Our Home Theater Store Offers Custom Seating

custom surround sound system in Watercolors on 30A

For those that want the ultimate movie theater experience, we carry a full line of home theater seating from which to choose. Whether you want cloth, leather, or a mix of the two, we can deliver custom seats to complete the look of your room.

Visit our showroom to see our full line of furniture solutions including media cabinets and seating.  

We also offer TV installation and mounting solutions for any room.  From flat, wall-mounted TVs to articulating mounts in more challenging locations.  We can implement a solution that is perfectly suited to your needs.

Whole House Audio Visual Consultant

outdoor entertainment system in Alys Beach

It's never been easier to listen to all of your favorite music from anywhere in the house. Using a Control4 touch screen or your iPad you can choose any room and music you want. In no time at all you'll be relaxing to your favorite song.

While today's audio video technologies are becoming more and more advanced, controlling them can be complicated when they're not properly integrated.  We can design a whole-house system that combines all your audio and video equipment into one elegant solution.  One-touch control allows you to sit back and relax.  And that's why you have a house at the beach in first place.  Isn't it?

Visit Our Home Audio Store

whole house audio video system with pop up TV in rosemary beach

Want to see our products in action?  Visit our showroom to experience firsthand the performance of our systems.  We're happy to give you a live demonstration of their capabilities and let you put them through their paces.

One of our more popular products is the Sonos wireless music system. With Sonos you can quickly and inexpensively add speakers to any room you like without the fuss of having to run wiring throughout the house.

Outdoor Speakers & TV Installation

The weather is the reason so many people live in in Northwest Florida.  And what better way to enjoy your time outside than with all of your favorite music.  We offer outdoor speaker systems that are designed to endure in our harsh salt-air environment.

We even offer outdoor TV's that are designed to withstand the elements.  Now you can enjoy your favorite shows outside in the warm evenings.

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