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Motorized Window Treatments

Elevate Your Home with Smart Motorized Shades and Draperies

Discover the ultimate in home comfort and style with Innovative Sight & Sound’s cutting-edge motorized shades and draperies. Engineered for the modern homeowner, our products blend sophisticated design with smart technology, offering a seamless solution for enhancing the privacy, energy efficiency, and aesthetic appeal of your living spaces.

Integrating the shades and blinds of your home into your automation system enables you to further enhance energy savings and security.  But what are automated window treatments and how do they work?

Traditional window treatments require you to open and close them manually.  We’re all familiar with the cord on the curtains that when pulled down opens the drapes and when release closes them.  While they are effective at blocking light and helping to reduce heat transfer, they require manual operation EVERY TIME you want to open or close them.

Electric shades take this one step farther.  You have remote controls that allow you to press a button and raise or lower the shades to whatever level you like.  These are much more convenient, but still require you to operate the remote whenever you want to adjust the window treatments.  



● Motorization is ideal for hard to reach windows, such as those that are high or behind furniture.

● With motorization, convenience and ease is at your disposal. With just a click of a button or spoken sentence to your hands-free voice assistant, you can instantly open or close window shades in any room.

● Motorization is ideal for multimedia rooms, offices, or anywhere else in the house where you need glare control.

● Saves you time and energy. You can control all the blinds in the house simultaneously. No need to close each and every one on its own.

● Shades can be timed to open and close at certain times to enhance security when you are not around. Leaving an impression from the exterior that the house is occupied.

● Ideal protection for your furniture. Motorized shades have a sun sensor that automatically closes the blinds to protect your furniture from damage by UV radiation.

● Motorization enhances energy efficiency by using pre-configured programming to automatically adjust shades based on personal usage, light levels, and/or temperature control.

● Safe for your children and pets. Shades do not have any dangling cords.


Lutron drapery track systems electronically operate pinch pleat or ripplefold draperies to elegantly provide quiet, convenient control of daylight. Simple controls and smooth transitions transform any room into a pleasing, inviting space.

Combine this elegant feature with lighting and other environmental integrations, and your space can be truly customized to your lifestyle, your aesthetics, and your patterns.


Control4 provides an easy way to control your motorized shades and draperies.

By integrating with all the other environmental technology devices in your home, Control4 gives you complete control over every aspect of your home and allows your window treatments to be automated and operated as needed in the moment.

Smart “scenes” are customized to your liking to respond with a predetermined series of events that happen simultaneously. Perhaps you want a “Movie” scene that will start your favorite playlist and bring your lights up to full illumination and send your motorized shades down, or a “Good morning” scene that will raise the shades in your whole home or certain rooms, set a desired temperature, and cue up your morning playlist.

Complete control of your home is always just a button press away.

Home Automation


Voice Control has become a staple of everyday life. But the depth of that integration has been lacking…until now.

Innovative uses Josh.AI connects you with all the smart devices in your home. Using your voice, Josh can turn on and off your lights, change the temperature, play music, and more, whether you’re home or away. Josh is built to understand natural language and learn from you as time goes on.

Josh is also big on privacy and will never use client information for marketing purposes or sell user data to third parties. Unlike the mass-market voice assistants, Josh’s sole focus is on providing the best smart home experience possible.

Why Should You Invest in Automated Window Treatments?

Motorized window shades and blinds are a convenient and practical solution for a wide variety of situations. Here are just a few of the benefits you will enjoy:

  • Want to open the shades or blinds from the comfort of your seat? Not a problem. Our window coverings can be operated from anywhere using your tablet or smartphone. No more annoying glare when enjoying your favorite movie or sporting event on your home theater system.
  • Window treatments can also be controlled using wall switches or incorporated into scenes of a lighting system.
  • Do you enjoy waking up to the sunrise but prefer to keep the shades closed during the night? A programmable timer can schedule your blinds to open each morning at a time of your choosing, and close again at night.
  • Automated shades are ideal for windows that are either too high to reach, or are located behind a couch or other types of furniture. Rather than straining to reach them or just leaving them closed all the time, use a remote to lift and lower them with ease.
  • Motorized operation of your shades and blinds places less wear and tear on them than does manual operation
  • Since no cords are necessary to operate automated window shades, they are a safer choice for households with small children or pets.

A shade system from Innovative Sight & Sound can monitor sunlight and close motorized blinds and shades during the hottest part of the day. This can reduce heat transfer and also reduce your energy costs.

Shades and blinds also enhance your home’s privacy and security. They can be programmed to raise and lower at specific times of day when you’re using certain rooms. And while you’re out of town they can be lowered to reduce the chance of prying eyes.

Home Automation Touchscreen

Why Motorized Shades and Draperies are Essential for Your Smart Home

Effortless Control for Ultimate Convenience: Upgrade your home with motorized shades and draperies that adjust to your needs with just a click, a voice command, or automatically. Perfect for busy lifestyles, our smart solutions put control at your fingertips, ensuring your home adapts to your schedule and preferences effortlessly.

Boost Your Home’s Energy Efficiency: Optimize natural light and maintain ideal temperatures with our energy-efficient window treatments. By reducing reliance on heating and cooling systems, motorized shades and draperies can significantly lower your energy bills, making them a smart investment for eco-conscious homeowners.

Enhance Your Interior with Style and Comfort: Choose from a wide selection of designs, fabrics, and textures to find the perfect match for your decor. Our motorized window treatments add a layer of sophistication to any room, combining functionality with flair to elevate your home’s ambiance.

Safe and Secure Solutions: Designed with your family’s safety and security in mind, our cordless motorized shades and draperies eliminate risks for children and pets, while also offering an effective way to simulate occupancy when you’re away, enhancing your home’s security.

Our automated shading solutions can be operated by remote control, wall switches, timers, and sunlight sensors adding energy efficiency and convenience to any room of your home.  For more about home automation click here.

Our Commitment to Quality and Innovation

Innovative Sight & Sound stands at the forefront of home automation, offering products that represent the highest standards of quality and technological advancement. Our expert team is dedicated to providing bespoke solutions, ensuring that your motorized shades and draperies not only meet but exceed your expectations for style, functionality, and performance.

Schedule a Consultation with Our Experts

Take the first step towards a smarter, more beautiful home with motorized shades and draperies from Innovative Sight & Sound. Contact us to schedule a personalized consultation with our home automation specialists, and let us help you select the perfect window treatments to complement your lifestyle and enhance your home’s appeal.

Innovate your home’s comfort and style with motorized window treatments from Innovative Sight & Sound—where luxury meets convenience and efficiency.

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