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At Innovative Sight & Sound we focus on service.  Like many home automation companies we offer custom home theater solutions, easy-to-use home entertainment and audio/video systems, automated lighting control and even security systems.  

Our belief is that technology is only ONE part of a complete solution.  Our clients choose Innovative Sight & Sound over and over again because of our focus on providing concierge level customer service and industry leading technical support.

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Home Automation Systems Atlanta GA: Installation & Support

A well-designed and implemented smart home system allows you to easily control everything in your residence.  Using an intuitive touchscreen interface you can command everything from your theater, home audio, lights, climate, security, and motorized shades.  Everything you need is available with the touch of a button.  Starting a new project?  Contact us today to get started on your system design.

Control4 Home Automation

Control4 is the leading home technology company in the industry.  At Innovative Sight & Sound we use their products exclusively as they offer quality products, high performance, reliable solutions, and the best price.  This has enabled us to become the most trusted Control4 home automation system installation company in Atlanta.

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Lutron Integrated Light Control

lutron integrated lighting system

Lighting systems can simplify and enhance the look of your home. Replace the large banks of switches on your walls with an elegant keypad that can operate every light in the room.

With a Lutron solution you’ll never have to remember which switch controls which light again.

Simply press the “On” button and every light in the room comes on to a pre-programmed level.  Our experienced team can design and install a solution that fits your budget and needs.

Climate Control (HVAC) Integration

Integrating your thermostats into your system allows you to adjust the climate throughout the house using one simple interface. Set temperatures, adjust schedules, and monitor your system from anywhere in the world.

We can even install occupancy sensors that allow your home to turn off rooms that are no longer in use.

Control Your Pool & Hot Tub

Smart home technology allows your pool and spa to be controlled with the press of a button. This allows you to have full control of temperature set points, pump, and cleaning. Imagine the ability to login to your system before you leave work and turn on the hot tub so it’s nice and hot by the time you get home

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Motorized Shades & Blinds

window treatments

By integrating your shades and blinds into your system you can further enhance energy savings and security. During the hot days of the Georgia summer direct sunlight can cause indoor temperatures to increase dramatically.

Help lower your cooling costs by having your shades and blinds automatically close during the hottest parts of the day.

- Automate Shades, Blinds, & Curtains

- Wireless Options

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Integrated Security and Surveillance

When it comes to your family, security is a high priority.  Integrating your security system with your smart home allows you to monitor everything from one app on your smart phone.  Arming and disarming your alarm is just the start.  You can also automate lighting in the event of an emergency such as a fire or home invasion.  We also provide video surveillance solutions.

Highly Responsive Support

Unfortunately technology isn't perfect.  But our professional support services team is just a phone call away whenever problems come up.  We can either walk you through the solution over the phone, or schedule one of our Atlanta technicians for a service call.

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We are dedicated to providing high quality audio video solutions and the best service in the industry.

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