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Is Your Home Technology Ready For Football Season?

Discover the Best Technology to Experience the Football Season

A Big Screen to See the Action

There's nothing like OLED technology in a large screen to bring the game to life! Click here to learn more!

Speakers to Feel The Energy

Experience dramatically clear sound for sports, movies, and shows.

Outdoor Entertainment

Our outdoor display solutions feature higher brightness and reduced glare for the best outdoor viewing.

OLED TV to Enjoy Every Snap

If you want the best-looking TV image that money can buy, choose an OLED TV. With perfect blacks, superior viewing angles, infinite contrast ratios, and better motion quality than you can find on other TVs, OLED TVs are the best there is.

OLED (Organic Light Emitting Diodes) enables displays to be brighter, more efficient, thinner, flexible and with higher contrast and faster refresh rates than LCD.

Flagship models from Sony, LG, and Samsung are all excellent options to experience the visuals of the game in life-like precision and clarity. Sizes ranging from 55, 65, 75, and even 85″ make the experience of watching the big game completely immersive and intense.

Find the Perfect OLED for Your Football Viewing

Feel the In-Game Action with Sonos Speakers and Subs

Video isn’t the only element in the football experience. Audio brings up the other half in a big way…especially with a customizable sound system for all of your sports and entertainment.

Experience dramatically clear sound for sports, movies, and shows. Plus, stream music, radio, podcasts, and more. Start with a soundbar and easily expand your system when you connect a subwoofer and rear surrounds over WiFi with Sonos.

Sonos speakers feature high-performance drivers for crisp highs, dynamic midranges, and powerful bass. Sonos has soundbars with slim profiles that can be discreetly mounted or placed on furniture and combined with multiple subwoofers to maximize your football experience.

Customize the Best Speaker Setup for the Action

Entertainment Solutions to Experience the Game Outdoors

Watching intense rivalries and the big game on an outdoor screen is an amazing experience. Our outdoor display solutions from Sunbrite feature higher brightness and reduced glare for the best outdoor viewing.

SunBriteTV’s premium 4K UHD HDR screen with direct LED backlight and is up to 50% brighter than indoor TVs to deliver a breathtaking, vivid picture in outdoor environments. They also feature durable aluminum case that protects against rain, snow, extreme temperatures, dust, salt, and insects; compared to the lightweight, vented plastic of typical indoor TV cases.

SunBrite offers sizes from 43′ up to 75″ for various outdoor environments:

  • Full Shade (patios, porches, sunrooms)
  • Partial sun or high ambient light (pergolas, partially covered decks)
  • Full sun and active areas (poolside, outdoor seating areas)

And theres no better way to compliment an outdoor display than by adding an outdoor soundbar! SunBrite soundbars offer all-weather passive soundbar is designed to pair seamlessly with SunBriteTV outdoor TVs

  • Guards Against the Elements
  • Engineered for Outdoor Listening
  • Extreme Temperature Functionality
  • Multiple Mounting Options
Move Your Football Viewing Outdoors

Experience the Game Like Never Before with Innovative's Solutions & Custom Installation

Together We Can Build Your Dream Media System

You won’t find another technology integrator in the Birmingham area that is more dedicated to the success of your project than Innovative Sight & Sound.  We look forward to connecting with you and learning how we can serve you through our expertise and experience.

  • Use the Webform to Share About Your Project
  • Meet with our Design Team
  • Review Your Entertainment Needs and Space
  • Create an Amazing Entertainment System
  • Use Innovative’s Installation Services to Bring the Vision to Life
  • Now You’re Ready for Some Football! 
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