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Daniel Island Park is a nice, welcoming and a charming place to be. In addition to some wonderful restaurants it has variety of outdoor activities like the parks. Nearly each neighborhood in Daniel Island has its own park. The park attracts people to come for picnics, play, swimming, gardens and more outdoor activities. Here are some of the best parks in Daniel Island;

Daniel Island Waterfront Park

The Daniel Island Waterfront Park is operated by Charleston City. The park has a beautiful view of River Wando and great natural scenery. There is a playground for children that have hiking trails along the Wando River. There is a pier for fishing activities. The park provides various activities such as biking trails, walking while viewing the natural scenery it offers. Visitors can park their crash at the riverfront park or at the terminus of the Governors Park. The park features a playground, wetland, walking paths and hiking trails.

Contact information

1 Vendue Range
Charleston, SC 29401
Phone contact;
+1 843-203-5131

Smythe Park

The Smythe Park is located along the Black creek ravine. It is a 15.3-hectare piece of land in between Jane Street and Scarlett Road. The park features trails and three diamond balls. One of the diamond balls has lights. It also features biking trails and walking trails. As you walk along the trails on the Smythe Park, you will see a historic mark that documents beautiful oak trees in the park. The park neighborhood is surrounded by residential homes.

Contact information

101 River landing drive,
Charleston, SC 29492
(843) 971-7100

Governors Park

The Governor’s Park is a friendly park for pets. It is located near the family circle tennis center. It features a playground, dog run, waterfront trails, a baseball field and more facilities. It has a small and a large dog section. The park has a walking trail with shades providing visitors with great views of the river. It is accessible to all people and is near the neighborhoods.

Contact information

Daniel Island,
Charleston, SC 29492.
Phone contact;
+1 800-958-5635

Barfield Park

The Barfield Park is located along River Wando on Daniel Island. It is a 430 acre piece of land. The park features picnic activities under canopy trees, walking trails along River Wando, a baseball and softball field, has a big parking that accommodates 600 cars, two education classrooms, restrooms, two playgrounds, a volleyball court and an 18 hole golf course. The park is a community park offering variety of activities for families and friends to enjoy.

Center Park

Center Park on Daniel Island is located near family homes of the low country in Charleston city. It is a two-acre park featuring playgrounds, sitting areas with shade and landscape views. The center park is a home for the neighborhood as they come to relax and do outdoor activities for fun.

Contact information

2223 Daniel Island Dr
Charleston, SC 29492

Other parks in Daniel Island include; Etiwan park, Cochran Park and Pierce Park. There are eight Parks in Daniel Island. Each park is located near a neighborhood.

More Fun Activities on Daniel Island

Daniel Island is a great place to take the kids or family for a fun filled vacation.  Check out our homepage for more information.