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Whether you are visiting The Holy City for the first time or you are a regular, you have to admit that this is one of the most fulfilling and fascinating towns in the country. Whatever you may like, be it history, food, architecture, nature and many more, this town has a lot to offer.

Charleston, South Carolina, is a beautiful place that wraps the old and the new in one amazing package.  The best part is that you can witness and experience all that it has to offer at an almost zero budget. Below is a collection of activities that you can engage in while in Charleston if you do not want to bust your budget.

1.  Charleston City Market

Located in the heart of the holy city on Meeting Street is Charleston city market, an amazing glimpse into the beauty of life in the Old South. It was in this market that slaves used to buy food, and hence the pseudonym slave market.

There is an endless number of stalls filled with clothes, toys, regional souvenirs and leather goods. On arrival you will find it loaded with locals and visitors perusing through the stands. It is a one of a kind place to people watch, and experience some of that famous southern charm.

The marketplace is open 9:30 – 6:00 daily and from March to December, it extends from 6:00pm to 10:30pm.

2.  Sullivan’s island

The island, sitting at the entrance of Charleston harbor, is a mere 3.3 square miles, with a lot to offer.  For those who are in Charleston for vacation, you certainly need to make a stop here. Unique shops, restaurants and beaches, on top of a colorful history at no cost is definitely what everyone needs. If you prefer a little quiet, you could also rent property and stay here.

There is also a lot of fascinating local history here. For instance, Fort Moultrie which dates back to battles in 1776.

3.  The Battery

If you have ever wondered where the giant pineapple fountain that is featured on many of Charleston’s postcards is, then worry no more. You just found it.

The battery is a stretch along the southern tip of the city. It was formerly the heart of maritime activity in the city. Nowadays it just attracts an endless number of tourists. You will get to see relics and memorials from the civil war that commemorates their (city’s) role in the battle. You will find them on the twelve-acre waterfront park.

4.  Folly Beach

After spending a few days exploring, this is the perfect way to enjoy the southern sun, and relax. With a perfect and friendly atmosphere, you can come to Folly Beach for the nature to escape the hustle and bustle of life in the city.  You can choose to sit on the beach, surf, fish, or go on a one-man “treasure hunt” for the variety of seashells. It attracts a lot of visitors and may get crowded as evening approaches.

If you get hungry, there are a number of off-the-cuff beachfront bars, hotels, and eateries close to the shore.

More Things to Do in Charleston SC

Learn more about Charleston South Carolina here.  And if you’ve got time check out the Charleston City Market.