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At Innovative Sight & Sound our focus is on service.  Like many home technology integrators we offer custom home theaters, easy-to-use home audio systems, smart home automation systems, and even security systems.  

But we also understand that technology is only ONE piece of the solution.  Our clients choose us again and again because of the service we provide and the peace of mind they get from knowing we back up our solutions with the industry's best support.

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Elegant Smart Home Solutions

 A properly designed and installed home automation system allows you to control everything in your house through one simple interface that can be accessed through a touchscreen, smartphone, or tablet. Everything from audio video, lighting, climate, security, and motorized shades can be controlled with the touch of a button.

These are important benefits. But a well designed system goes even further. By integrating these systems together we can further leverage them to create a home that is more energy efficient, more secure, and more enjoyable for you and your family.

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Lutron Integrated Lighting Control Systems

lutron integrated lighting system

Lighting control systems simplify and enhance the look of your home. Replace the large banks of switches on your walls with an elegant keypad that can control every light in the room. You’ll never have to remember which switch controls which light again. Simply press the “On” button and every light in the room comes on to a pre-programmed level.

- Indoor & Outdoor Applications

- Remote Control & Wireless Keypads​

Here are just a few of the benefits of a lighting system:

  • create beautiful scenes that highlight architectural features or important pieces of art.
  • turn all the lights in the house off with the touch of a button
  • in an emergency such as a fire lights come on automatically lighting a path to safety.
  • when you’re on vacation, a lighting system can make it look like your still home
  • lower your overall energy usage

Climate (HVAC) Integration

Integrating your thermostats into your smart home system allows you to control the climate throughout the house using one simple interface. Set temperatures, adjust schedules, and monitor your system from anywhere in the world.

We can even install occupancy sensors that allow your home to turn off rooms that are no longer in use. Here are a few more benefits:

  • quickly adjust temperatures and schedules
  • automation to increase efficiency and reduce your carbon footprint
  • turn air conditioning off automatically when doors or windows are left open.

Control Your Pool & Hot Tub

Your pool and spa can also be integrated into your smart home automation system. This allows you to have full control of temperature set points, pump, and cleaning control. Imagine the ability to login to your system before you leave work and turn on the hot tub so it’s nice and hot by the time you get home

Or maybe you’ve gone on vacation and need to check to see that it’s turned off. It’s all right at the tip of your fingers.

​To learn more about home automation technologies visit http://beinnovative.com/home-automation/

Home Cinema Installation:  High Performance AV

home theater installation company

With almost a decade of experience installing surround sound, custom home theaters, whole house audio, and high end audio systems, we have perfected the science of providing the technology our customers desire while preserving the carefully designed and crafted look of their homes.

From the beginning of your home theater installation project we work closely with your architect, builder, and interior designer to ensure a smooth installation that meets your home entertainment needs.

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This is why we use only trusted brands with proven track records. Our manufacturers include Sonos, Bowers & Wilkins, Rotel, and Lutron.  Our home theater install team has the experience and the know-how to build the surround sound system of your dreams.

Media Rooms with Surround Sound

Just because you don’t have a dedicated home theater room doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy everything your favorite movies and music have to offer. Let us turn your living room into a high performance media room. We can deliver theater-like sound while only minimally impacting the look of your decor.

Theater options include everything from bookshelf speakers and in-wall speakers to speakers that are completely invisible. If you’re ready for the high performance cinema experience you’ve always wanted, call us today for a free in-home consultation.

Hidden TV's, In-Wall & In-Ceiling Speakers

Hiding your TV behind a mirror or a favorite piece of art is another way to ensure that the technology in your room doesn’t overwhelm the decor. We carry lines from Seura and Art Screen that allow you to hide your plasma TV or LCD when it’s not in use. They are the perfect complement to hidden in-wall speakers.

Home Audio Store:  Residential Whole House Music Solutions

home audio store Charleston SC

Want a fast and simple way to listen to your favorite music anywhere in the house?

Let us design an integrated audio solution that puts all of your favorite songs and albums at the tip of your fingers.

- Integrated In Home Audio from Sonos

- Residential Electronics Experts​

Our whole house audio solutions from Sonos even offer completely wireless options. This means there’s no need to run wires throughout your home.

Adding additional rooms to your whole house music system is as simple as buying an additional wireless speaker.  Setup takes only a few minutes.​

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Home Theater Store:  Surround Sound & Seating Solutions

home theater store Charleston sc

Experienced Home Theater Room Designers

For those that want the ultimate movie theater experience, we carry a full line of home theater seating from which to choose. Whether you want cloth, leather, or a mix of the two, we can deliver custom seating to complete the look of your room.

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- Home Theater Seating​

We offer a full range of home theater components.  From traditional floor-standing speakers and subwoofer systems to in-wall systems that are more discrete our designers can build and install a system that perfectly meets your individual needs.  We also have a full line of home theater seating.

- Expert & Local Installers​

Looking for a local theater installation company with years of experience?  Our team can design and install your dream system.

Don't have room for a dedicated theater room?

Not a problem.  Our media room solutions can turn your living into a high performance surround sound system.  Your favorite movies, shows, and sporting events will be a whole new experience.​  Home theater components don't have to be visible to look and sound great.

Window Treatment Store - Motorized Shades & Blinds Installation

North Charleston SC window treatment store

By integrating your shades and blinds into your system you can further enhance energy savings and security. During the hot days of the South Carolina summer direct sunlight can cause temperatures in your house to increase dramatically.

- Automated Control for Shades, Blinds, & Curtains

- Wireless Options​

- Battery & Electric Motorized Drapes & Blinds​

A home automation system can monitor sunlight and close motorized blinds and shades during the hottest part of the day. This can reduce heat transfer and also reduce your energy costs.

Shades and blinds also enhance your home’s privacy and security. They can be programmed to raise and lower at specific times of day when you’re using certain rooms. And while you’re out of town they can be lowered to reduce the chance of prying eyes.

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Energy Management

Do you have solar panels you would like to monitor? We can integrate that into your automation system too. You can see how much energy your producing at all times.

We can also install smart devices that save you money on electronics your not using. Phantom power loss is very real and is often as much as 10% of a home’s energy usage. It results from electronics being left in “standby” mode. Smart outlets can shut these devices off until they are needed, saving you money each and every month.

Innovative Sight & Sound of Charleston

We're proud to offer theater and automation installation services in all of the following areas:

Mt. Pleasant

Daniel Island

Isle of Palms​

John's Island​

Kiawah Island

James Island

Ours is a beautiful city that is experiencing a great deal of growth over the past few years.  Most of the homes in  this area are older and require a great deal of skill to retrofit with modern technology.  Our showroom is located in North Charleston near Frankie's Fun Park and the Carolina Ice Palace.

Directions from Charleston International Airport (CHS).  First head northwest on International Blvd toward International Blvd.  Then make a slight right toward Michaux Pkwy.  Make another slight right to stay on Michaux Pkwy.  Then turn right onto SC-642 W/Dorchester Rd.  Next turn right onto Appian Way.  Finally turn left onto Coosaw Creek Blvd.

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