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​Lighting control systems simplify and enhance the lighting of your home. Replace the large banks of switches on your walls with an elegant keypad that can control every light in the room. You’ll never have to remember which switch controls which light again. Simply press the “On” button and every light in the room comes on to a pre-programmed level.

Here are just a few of the benefits of a lighting system:

  • create beautiful scenes that highlight architectural features or important pieces of art.
  • turn all the lights in the house off with the touch of a button
  • in an emergency such as a fire lights come on automatically lighting a path to safety.
  • when you’re on vacation, a lighting system can make it look like your still home
  • lower your overall energy usage

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At Innovative Sight & Sound we offer solutions from two of the industry leaders Lutron and Control4. These include systems that are designed to be installed at construction as well as wireless retrofit applications.

Complete Integration

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Automated lighting solutions allow you to integrate your lighting with other systems in your home such as audio/video, security systems, and your home automation system.

Want to dim the lights without leaving the comfort of your favorite chair? No problem. With an automated system you can dim the lights with the press of a button.  We can even lower the blinds at the same time.

Leaving town for a while? Your lighting system can mimic your patterns to make it look like your home even when you’re thousands of miles away. You can even check the status of your lights from anywhere in the world by using your smartphone or tablet.

Enhancing the Look of Your Home

We program your system to enhance the overall look and feel of your home. Artwork and specific architectural details can be highlighted using a variety of lighting techniques.

Each room can be programmed according to the look you want to achieve. Whole house scenes can be implemented as well. This allows you to turn on the house music and set the lights for a party or special even in a matter of seconds.

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Areas We Serve:

We are proud to serve the entire greater Charleston area from the historic areas including Broad St and the College of Charleston to newer areas like Mt. Pleasant. At Innovative Sight & Sound we have a great deal of experience working in coastal-style homes. We are familiar with much of the architecture and construction techniques used to build these homes. We pride ourselves on helping our clients get the technology they want, without dramatically impacting the carefully crafted look and design of their homes.

We also serve all of Dorchester, and Berkeley County including:

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