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Whole House Audio Video

One of the biggest challenges with audio video equipment is where to put it. You invest a great deal of time and money into the design of your home. The last thing you want is to clutter each room with AV equipment. Now you don’t have to. Let our home audio experts design and install a system specifically tailored to your needs.

Designed to minimize the impact technology has on your decor, our home audio systems allow you to keep electronics out of sight. All equipment is stored in a central location leaving only TV’s and remotes throughout the house. This type of system has several important advantages over a traditional audio video system.

Since all of your equipment is stored in one location it is much easier to service and repair when needed. Eventually electronic components wear out. Having them stored in one location saves both time and money on service.

Storing all of the equipment in one location allows us to properly ventilate the space. Heat is the enemy of electronics and providing adequate airflow can extend the life of your equipment.

Another feature of technology is that it is always changing. Storing it in one place means you won’t have to add additional wiring at a later date.

Of course the most important advantage is that it keeps technology where it belongs. In the background.

Simple and Convenient Control

Using a smart home automation system you can quickly and easily control all of your equipment from anywhere in your house. Suppose you want to watch a movie in the master bedroom. No problem. Simply press ‘Watch Movie” on your remote control and the system takes care of the rest.

Or perhaps you want to listen to your favorite album? Using a Sonos music system you have access to all the music in the world. You can browse any streaming media service and then simply select the album you want and within seconds you’ll be relaxing to your favorite songs.

These same controls also allow you to control every major function in your home including lighting, climate, door locks, shades, home theaters and media rooms, and even your security system and cameras. All of this can be done from a touch panel or even a smartphone or tablet.

High End Audio Systems

For those that want nothing but the best we also offer high end audio systems. We carry some of the most exclusive brands in the industry.

If you’re into two channel stereo we can build a system that will make your music sound better than it ever has before.

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