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Kiawah Island's Top Golf Courses

golf course on Kiawah Island SC

Kiawah Island is located to the southeast of Charleston, South Carolina. In addition to it’s great restaurants and beautiful parks, it is a mecca for those who love the game of golf.

There are two private golf courses at the Kiawah Golf Course. They include the Cassique course and the River Course. These two are for the members of the Kiawah island golf course. There are also five public golf courses on Kiawah Island. They include:

The Ocean Course

The Ocean Course is the crown jewel of Kiawah’s golf course. It was listed as the number four golf course in US. It features many seaside holes than any golf course in the Northern hemisphere. The PGA professionals and other golfers love the ocean course because of its amazing features. At the ocean course there is an amazing view of the Atlantic Ocean and terrains that surround it.

This assures you a rewarding golf game every time one plays. The ocean course has hosted each of the championships of the America’s

PGA. It will also host the 2021 America’s PGA championship. All are welcomed to come and witness the event.

Contact information

1000 Ocean Course
Kiawah Island, SC 29455
(843) 266-4670

The Cougar Point

Cougar Point provides golfers with great views of the island. It is located along River Kiawah. The golf course was fully renovated in 2017. It was recognized by the owners of golf course in South Carolina as the Golf course of the year. The golf course features 18 holes with perfect tidal and views. There are also fairways, greens, tee boxes, renovated bunkers and an irrigation system at the Cougar point golf course.

The view of the terrains is amazing and this is what guarantees the golfers that the Cougar point is the best place to play golf.

Contact Information

12 Kiawah Beach
Kiawah Island, SC 29455
(843) 266-4020

The Osprey Point

The Osprey Point golf course has beautiful landscapes. There are maritime forests, marshes and lagoons that add up to the beautiful landscapes, which praise the Osprey, point golf course. It is recognized at the Top 50 golf course for women unlike the rest. A 72 course ensures all its visitors who come to play have a lot of fun.

The golfers are allowed to bring their wife’s or girlfriends to come have fun at the golf course. It was fully renovated in 2014. Inside the golf course there is a clubhouse and a restaurant serving people who win games with Mac and cheese.

Contacts Information

700 Osprey Point
Kiawah Island, SC 29455
(843) 266-4640

The Turtle Point

The turtle point golf course is mostly played by the pros and not by amateurs. A great golfer who was known as Jack Nicklaus designed it. Golfers who come to play are well skilled and challenge each other as they play. The golf course has an amazing experience that motivates golfers to keep on coming to play.

It features three oceanfront holes, fairways, forests, lagoons and fresh greens. The turtle point golf course is a classic architectural design. It was renovated in 2016 and unlike the rest of Kiawah’s golf courses, the turtle point golf course invites the experienced and skilled golfers to come and explore its features as they play.

Contacts Information

1 Turtle Point
Kiawah Island, SC 29455
(843) 266-4050

The Oak Point

The Oak point golf course was renovated in 2015. It offers the championship level featuring perfect scenery as the golfers play. It is uniquely designed unlike the rest of the golf courses on Kiawah Island.

Contact Information

4394 Hope Plantation Dr,
Johns Island, SC 29455
(843) 266-4100

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