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Lifestyle Convenience

What is Lifestyle Convenience?

Headed towards bed, what do you do?

✅  Make sure inside lights are off

✅  Make sure outside lights are on

✅  Turn thermostat to desired temp

Get in bed…then wonder…

❔Did I lock the front door? Back door?

❔Is the alarm turned on?

❔Did I shut the garage door?

And the list could go on. And this is the routine that many people close every day with.

With a smart home automation system, all these various home systems are now connected.

This gives you total control over these home systems from a tablet, smart phone, or keypad.

But beyond this centralized access, is the ability to custom program these systems to work in concert with each other to suite your lifestyle patterns.

Now a simple press of a custom button like “Home Off” can automatically arm your alarm system, lock your doors, turn on outside flood lights, turn off interior lights and electrical components, and set the temperature at the desired level.

This just one of so many possibilities, both manual and completely automated, that our systems provide clients in their lifestyles.

Lifestyle Convenience…it is about practicality and simplicity.

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Get Smart Home Automation for Your Lifestyle

We’ve been designing and installing home automation systems for the last 15 years. From one-room systems to fully automated homes we can design and deliver a systems that meets all of your needs.

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