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What is A Home Smart?

A true smart home is a home that features multiple technology systems all connected together by a central control platform. A smart home makes your life more convenient and your home safer, more comfortable, and easy to enjoy by integrating together your lighting, security system, climate/thermostats, window treatments such as blinds and shades, pool and spa, and of course your home entertainment system.


Home Automation
  • Simplicity – is what home automation is all about. Imagine adjusting the lights, the climate, even browsing your personal music library all from one simple to use remote.  Control4 offers the best home automation systems on the market in terms of cost and reliability.
  • Functionality – The idea behind home automation is to make your life easier. See yourself arriving home, arms full of groceries and with the press of a button on your key chain you disarm the alarm, turn on the lights, even start your favorite TV show.
  • Efficiency – Home automation integrates all the independent systems in your house allowing for more efficient use of all the systems. And the best part is, we handle everything. We tailor a system to your specific lifestyle needs.

Elements of A Home Smart

Charleston Smart Home Control4

Control Everything

A well-designed and implemented smart home system is nothing short of a digital concierge putting you in total control of nearly every aspect of your home.

A smart home also gives you multiple ways to control the technology systems in your home. A wall mounted touchscreen, a remote, a tablet, mobile phone, or voice assistant – any of these devices provide you access and control to all the connected elements in your home.

From anywhere, you can control audio/video, lighting, climate, security, and more.

Custom Lighting Keypad Control4

Smart Automation

A true Smart Home is programmed to automatically and intuitively sync with your lifestyle.

For example, if your home faces the sun rise, a smart home will know to lower the motorized shades of the east facing windows and make sure the thermostat has the temperature at the desired level. If you leave in the evening, a simple button press on a keypad will lock the doors, arm the security system, turn on exterior lights, and make sure garage doors are closed.

Automation is about aligning the technology systems of your home to your lifestyle.

Your Media, Available Everywhere

Tired of dealing with multiple remotes to control your home entertainment system or home theater?  We can integrate your audio video and home theater system into one simple-to-use remote or touchscreen device.  This makes watching your favorite movie or TV show as simple as the press of a single button.

Imagine easily listening to all of your favorite music from any room in your home. Apple Music, Spotify or your favorite podcast can be accessed from any remote, touchscreen, or smart device.

Enjoying your media has never been easier. It’s only the touch of a button away – simply select the rooms you want and the media you want, then you’re ready to go.

Custom Colorbeam Living Room Lighting Charleston

Lighting Control

A big element of a smart home is the lighting system that improves both the look and functionality of a home.

In a smart home, a banks of switches is replaced with a simple and elegant keypad. Not only does this cut down on wall clutter, but it also allows you to use your lighting to enhance the interior details and architectural features of your home. One keypad can control anything from a single light, to an entire room, to the whole house.

Perhaps you’re entertaining tonight, simply press the “Entertainment” button and all the lights in the house can be set to a pre-determined level. Ready for bed? Press the “Sleep” button on the keypad next to your bed and all of the lights in the house will be turned off for you.

Outdoor lighting can also be added to your system to enhance both the look and security of your home. And just like the interior lights they can be controlled from any keypad, remote, or smart device.

Motorized Window Coverings

Another popular feature of today’s smart home is automated shades and blinds. Automated shades can lower and raise based on the time of day, keeping your cooling costs down in the summer.

Innovative Sight & Sound offers a full line of motorized shades to suit both your design needs and lifestyle.  Shades are simple to operate and are integrated into the same keypad as those used to control your lights.  This allows you to quickly and easily change the amount of natural light in any given room with the touch of a button.

Drapes, shades and blinds can also be used to enhance security and energy efficiency.  If you’re away on vacation your system can be programmed to make it appear that someone is still at home all while reducing the amount of sunlight entering the home thereby lowering the ambient temperature.  Shades can also be used protect valuable furniture and artwork from damaging rays of the sun.

Learn More About our Motorized Shade Solutions HERE

Climate & Comfort Control

The battle of the thermostat can finally be won. Cozy up with climate control the entire family can agree on! Smart scheduling, voice control capabilities, even integrations with shades and fans. It’s your home, only more comfortable.

Integrating your heating and cooling system into your smart home system delivers convenience and significant energy savings.  Quickly and easily set the temperature for any room in your house using a smart phone, tablet, or touchscreen remote. Our automated thermostats are completely programmable, allowing you to set the schedule for each climate zone in your home.

Since your entire home is accessible via your phone or tablet you can even control the temperature of your home while you are away.  Perhaps you left on vacation but forgot to turn down the air conditioning.  No problem, simply open your control app and set the system to vacation mode from wherever you are in the world.

Smart Home Control and Security

Security Integration

Imagine how secure you’d feel if your home sent you real-time notifications, alerted you to guests at the door, and even turned on lights and TVs while you’re away to deter home invasions.

Our smart homes allow you to leverage your home’s security system to create even more peace of mind.  You can monitor your home from anywhere inside the house, or from anywhere in the world.  Need to disarm the system while you’re out of town to allow someone into the house?  No problem.  Simply hop on your smart phone or tablet and you can disarm the system in seconds.

You can even check your security cameras while you’re at it.

Integrating your security system also allows you to control lighting functions based on alarm events such as a fire or intruder.  If your system detects either, it can turn on the lights, potentially scaring off a burglar, or giving you light quickly.

Voice Control

Voice Control has become a staple of everyday life. But the depth of that integration has been lacking…until now.

Innovative uses Josh.AI connects you with all the smart devices in your home. Using your voice, Josh can turn on and off your lights, change the temperature, play music, and more, whether you’re home or away. Josh is built to understand natural language and learn from you as time goes on.

Josh is also big on privacy and will never use client information for marketing purposes or sell user data to third parties. Unlike the mass-market voice assistants, Josh’s sole focus is on providing the best smart home experience possible.

How to Create A Home Smart


The biggest step in the process is designing the right system to fit the unique space, lifestyle, and needs of a client. Innovative's design process custom configures a system based around a client's interests, life rhythms, home atmosphere, and desires. We work with clients to design, engineer, and plan a complete technology system as well as interface with architects, builders, and designers.


Our team of industry experts will install all the elements of your technology system with attention to detail, excellence, and professionalism. We are on site through all phases of your project : Pre-Wire • Device Install • Display Mounting • Rack Building - all to ensure every aspect or your system is installed and integrated for you to have the absolute best user experience.


Once the devices and components are installed, our next phase of service is to program the system to connect all devices to control your space. This is the culmination of the intentional design and integration process. And where our programming technician syncs your connected technology to your lifestyle to make sure your smart home is working for your across every system you depend on and enjoy.

Let's Make Your Home, A Smart Home

Connect Today & Experience a Smart Home From Innovative

Innovative Sight & Sound has been successfully serving clients for over 15 years with excellence, integrity, and reliability. As a partner you can trust, Innovative is involved at every phase of a project from design to install to final programming and service. Our team of experts is with you every step of the way to make sure your technology integration experience is amazing.

You won’t find another technology integrator that is more dedicated to the success of your project than Innovative Sight & Sound.  We look forward to connecting with you and learning how we can serve you through our expertise and experience.

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