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Innovative Sight & Sound is the premier home entertainment company in the Southeast U.S. With almost a decade of experience installing surround sound, smart home automation, automated lighting control, and security systems in seaside homes we have perfected the science of providing the technology our customers desire while preserving the carefully designed and crafted look of their homes.

Our philosophy is based on the belief that technology should help you enjoy time spent at home, but should not overwhelm the look. From the beginning of the project we work closely with your architect, builder, and interior designer to ensure a smooth installation that meets your home entertainment needs.

Just as importantly, this is accomplished while minimizing the impact on the overall look of the home. Our rule of thumb is that any home-based technology that we implement must be both easy to use and reliable. We strive to make our systems as user friendly and dependable as possible.

This is why we use only trusted brands with proven track records. Our manufacturers include Control4, Savant, Sonos, Bowers & Wilkins, Rotel, and Lutron.

Finally, service is the name of the game.  A reputation for fast and reliable service has helped us build an extremely loyal client base and is a major factor in our continued success.  Meeting and exceeding expectations on a consistent basis ensures our customers get the most from their investment in and relationship with us.

Your home is your sanctuary. We can design and implement a system that will enhance the enjoyment you get from your time spent here. We have three offices.  Our original location is in Santa Rosa Beach and serves all of Northwest Florida.

Our second office is located in Clearwater and serves the greater Tampa Bay area including St. Petersburg and Bradenton.

And our third showroom is located in Charleston SC and serves Charleston and the coastal islands.
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Whole House Audio Video

Want access to all of your media throughout your house but don’t want equipment in every room?  Let us design a whole house audio video system allowing you to watch anything you want, wherever you want.  Our simple to use home automation remotes make controlling your system as easy as the press of a button.

Or perhaps you just want music in all the rooms of your house?  Our house audio solutions put all of your favorite music at your fingertips.  Our systems are completely scalable.  Whether you want 2 rooms of audio or 12 we can design a system that is both cost effective and easy to use.

Custom Theater Design & Installation

There is nothing like a theater to make movies as life-like as possible. Our home theater installation team can design and implement of a state of the art surround sound system specifically tailored to your needs.  We carry some of the best high performance brands in the industry.  Whether you’re looking for the theater of your dreams or need to stick to a more moderate budget, our systems deliver performance and value.

A high performance surround sound system starts with the room itself.  Acoustics play an extremely important role in the final results of any system.  You can use the best equipment in the world, but if the room is poorly designed it can be challenging and expensive to overcome.

If you’re building a new home we can work with you and your architect to ensure that the dimensions of your room are ideally suited to surround sound applications.  With the right dimensions even a budget friendly system can sound amazing.

If you’re working with an existing room we can help you work through the acoustical challenges that often come up when adding a surround system.

Movie Theater Seating

For those that want the ultimate movie theater experience, we carry a full line of home theater seating from which to choose.  Whether you want cloth, leather, or a mix of the two, we can deliver custom seating to complete the look of your room.

Media Rooms

Just because you don’t have a dedicated theater room doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy everything your favorite movies and music have to offer.  Let us turn your living room into a high performance media room.  We can deliver theater-like sound while only minimally impacting the look of your decor.  Options include everything from bookshelf speakers and in-wall speakers to speakers that are completely invisible.  If you’re ready for the high performance cinema experience you’ve always wanted, call us today for a free in-home consultation.

Hiding your TV behind a mirror or a favorite piece of art is another way to ensure that the technology in your room doesn’t overwhelm the decor.  We carry lines from Seura and Art Screen that allow you to hide your plasma TV or LCD when it’s not in use.  They are the perfect complement to hidden in-wall speakers.