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Ultimate Star Wars Home Theater

Home Theater Magic

This project spotlight features a custom-designed Star Wars-themed home theater from the Innovative Sight & Sound Tampa team.

For this special endeavor, Innovative worked with an amazing client with an enthusiasm for technology and a galaxy far, far away…

The project called from a dedicated 15’x23’x9 room within a room to be constructed for a one-of-a-kind home theater themed with elements from the Star Wars universe. This type of space demanded intentional design and premium technology equipment to create an immersive media experience.

Innovative leveraged our in-house design expertise as well as our strong manufacturer relationships to integrate the best audio, video, and control technology into this space. Brands like Wisdom Audio, StormAudio, MadVR, Kaleidescape, Colorbeam Lighting, and more provided the ultimate foundation for this amazing theater experience.

Check out the full equipment list below and watch the spotlight YouTube video courtesy of home theater enthusiast Youthman! 


System Equipement: 

  • Sony VPL-XW6000ES Projector
  • Stewart Filmscreen Director’s Choice Four-Way, Continuously Variable Masking Screen 185″ StudioTek 130 G4
  • Octane Continental LHR Seating
  • Wisdom Audio Speakers & Amps: – 3 x Insight L8i – LCR – 8 x Insight P4i – 6 sides, 2 rear – 4 x Insight P2i – Atmos ceiling – 4 x S90i S90i In-Wall RTL subwoofers – 2 x SA-8 Eight Channel System Amplifiers (200w/ch) – 4 x SW-1 – S90i SW-1 DSP subwoofer amplifiers
  • Storm Audio ISP.24 Analog MK2 Processor 
  • Kaleidescape Terra Movie Server 48 TB & 88 TB
  • Kaleidescape Strato C Movie Players
  • madVR Envy Extreme Mk1
  • Panasonic DP-UB9000 HDR 4K UHD Blu-ray Disc Players
  • Apple TV 4K third generation
  • Android TV Pro
  • Microsoft Xbox Series X
  • Control4 Home Automation & Control
  • Control4 Nero Remote 
  • Control4 LCD Panel
  • Apple HomePod mini using Siri 
  • Colorbeam LED DMX controllers and power modules
  • American Lighting PLX-HTL-RGBW strips 2 x 300 lbs
  • Studio Doors from Acoustical Surfaces, Inc.

Innovative Home Theaters

We offer the very best in high performance, premium quality products. Whether you’re looking for theater room or just want surround sound for your living room, we offer the complete solution.

From the beginning of the project we work closely with you and your architect, builder, and interior designer to ensure a smooth installation that meets your home entertainment and technology needs and exceeds your expectations.

This is why we use only trusted brands with proven track records. Our theater and media room product solutions include Control4Bowers & Wilkins, Sonus Faber, RELWisdom AudioScreen InnovationsSonyColorbeamLutron and more.

Theater Design & Installation

A cinema experience so immersive you won’t ever want to step into a theater again. With total control of the lights, temperature, speakers, and all entertainment gear, your home theater just became a box office hit.

There’s nothing like a high performance theater system to make your favorite movies as life-like as possible. Our team will design and implement of a state of the art surround sound system tailored to your specific needs. We carry the best high performance audio brands in the world. Whether you’re looking to build the home theater room of your dreams or need to stick to a more down to earth budget, our systems deliver both high performance and high value.

High Performance Surround Sound

A high performance surround sound system starts with the room itself. Acoustics play an extremely important role in the final results of any system. You can use the best equipment in the world, but if the room is poorly designed it can be challenging and expensive to overcome.

If you’re building a new home we can work with you and your architect to ensure that the dimensions of your room are ideally suited to surround sound applications. With the right dimensions even a budget friendly system can sound amazing.

If you’re working with an existing room we can help you work through the acoustical challenges that often come up when adding a surround system.

We use premium quality solutions for home theaters:


We use premium quality solutions for home theaters:

Custom Theater Seating

For those that want the ultimate movie theater experience, we carry a full line of home theater seating from which to choose. Whether you want cloth, leather, or a mix of the two, we can deliver custom seating to complete the look of your room.

Simple Automated Controls

The best home theater system in the world is useless if it’s difficult to use.  Using Control4 home automation systems we offer one-touch controls that allow you to start enjoying your system with the touch of a button.

We can even implement automated lighting and window treatments to set the perfect mood.

Home Automation

Media Rooms

Just because you don’t have a dedicated theater room doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy everything your favorite movies and music have to offer. Let us turn your living room into a media room.

We can deliver theater-like sound while only minimally impacting the look of your decor. Options include everything from bookshelf speakers and in-wall speakers to speakers that are completely invisible. If you’re ready for the high performance cinema experience you’ve always wanted, call us today for a free in-home consultation.

Hiding your TV behind a mirror or a favorite piece of art is another way to ensure that the technology in your room doesn’t overwhelm the decor. We carry lines from Seura and Art Screen that allow you to hide your plasma TV or LCD when it’s not in use. They are the perfect complement to hidden in-wall speakers.

Let's Create Your Home Media Experience

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Innovative Wins Smart Home & Home Theater of the Year

Innovative was honored to have one of our amazing projects chosen as both the Smart Home of the Year AND Home Theater of the Year by CEPro Magazine. 

This is a top-in-class, premium project in every imaginable way. The interior and exterior of this home features the best in quality technology from brands like McIntosh, Bowers&Wilkins, Wisdom Audio, Sonus Faber, and more. 

The team at Innovative had the opportunity to partner with an amazing client on this project to bring a vision for a technological oasis at this beachfront home to life. 

Every aspect of technology in this home has been meticulously engineered, installed, and programmed to provide seamless integration of technology into every room. Control 4 + provides the backbone for automation and control of the house for audio/video distribution, climate control, lighting control, motorized shades and drapes, security, and outdoor entertainment. 

Everything is intentionally connected and designed for lifestyle convenience no matter what room or what occasion. 

This home features a custom home theater featuring Samsung’s 146″ Video wall, a gaming setup for all platforms, a home gym with Wisdom Audio, and a home office command center. 

Truly, this home experience is a showcase of what is possible with premium technology and design from Innovative.

What is Smart Home Automation?



Simplicity is what home automation is all about. Imagine adjusting the lights, the climate, even browsing your personal music library all from one simple to use remote.  Control4 offers the best home automation systems on the market in terms of cost and reliability.


The idea behind home automation is to make your life easier. See yourself arriving home, arms full of groceries and with the press of a button on your key chain you disarm the alarm, turn on the lights, even start your favorite TV show.


Home automation integrates all the independent systems in your house allowing for more efficient use of all the systems. And the best part is, we handle everything. We tailor a system to your specific lifestyle needs.

Charleston Smart Home Control4


Control4 is the leading home technology company in the industry.  At Innovative Sight & Sound we use their products exclusively as they offer quality products, high performance, reliable solutions, and the best price.  This has enabled us to become the most trusted Control4 home automation system installation company in Charleston.

We design and build centralized systems using Control4 that keep all of your equipment in one central location that is out of sight and easy to service.  These components are then distributed throughout the various rooms of your home.  This helps reduce the impact of electronics components on the decor of your home and also reduces the amount of equipment you need to own.

Tired of dealing with multiple remotes to control your home entertainment system or home theater?  We can integrate your audio video and home theater system into one simple-to-use remote or touchscreen device.  This makes watching your favorite movie or TV show as simple as the press of a single button.

Our systems are designed to enhance your enjoyment of your space.


Tired of dealing with multiple remotes to control your home entertainment system or home theater? We can integrate your audio video and surround sound system into one simple-to-use remote or touchscreen device. This makes watching your favorite movie or TV show as simple as the press of a single button.

Innovative Sight & Sound specializes in implementing whole house audio video systems. Gone are the days of multiple pieces of electronics in each room. We design and build centralized systems that keep all of your equipment in one central location that is out of sight and easy to service. These components are then distributed throughout the various rooms of your home. This helps reduce the impact of electronics components on the decor of your home and also reduces the amount of equipment you need to own. Your favorite recorded shows, movies, and music will be available in any room you like from the living room, to the gym, to the master bedroom.

Imagine easily listening to all of your favorite music from any room in your home. Your favorite streaming sources can be accessed from any remote, touchscreen, or smart device. Enjoying your favorite music has never been easier. It’s only the touch of a button away.

Want music in every room in the house? No problem, simply select the rooms you want and the music you want to listen to and you’re ready to go. Our systems are designed to enhance your enjoyment of your home.


Lighting systems can simplify and enhance the look of your home. Replace the large banks of switches on your walls with an elegant keypad that can operate every light in the room.

With a Lutron solution you’ll never have to remember which switch controls which light again.

Simply press the “On” button and every light in the room comes on to a pre-programmed level.  Our experienced team can design and install a solution that fits your budget and needs.

An automated system replaces these banks of switches with a simple and elegant keypad. Not only does this cut down on wall clutter, but it also allows you to use your lighting to enhance the interior details and architectural features of your home. One keypad can control anything from a single light, to an entire room, to the whole house.

In addition to simple “ON” and “OFF” functions, each keypad can be pre-programmed to carry out multiple “scenes”. Perhaps you’re entertaining tonight, simply press the “Entertainment” button and all the lights in the house can be set to a pre-determined level. Ready for bed? Press the “Sleep” button on the keypad next to your bed and all of the lights in the house will be turned off for you. You can even have a few lights stay on for security purposes.

Outdoor lighting can also be added to your system to enhance both the look and security of your home. And just like the interior lights they can be controlled from any keypad, remote, or smart device.

We use Control4, Colorbeam, and Lutron lighting products.

Learn More About Our Lighting Solutions HERE


Integrating your thermostats into your system allows you to adjust the climate throughout the house using one simple interface. Set temperatures, adjust schedules, and monitor your system from anywhere in the world.

We can even install occupancy sensors that allow your home to turn off rooms that are no longer in use.

Integrating your heating and cooling system into your smart home system delivers convenience and significant energy savings.  Quickly and easily set the temperature for any room in your house using a smart phone, tablet, or touchscreen remote.  Our automated thermostats are completely programmable, allowing you to set the schedule for each climate zone in your home.

Since your entire home is accessible via your phone or tablet you can even control the temperature of your home while you are away.  Perhaps you left on vacation but forgot to turn down the air conditioning.  No problem, simply open your control app and set the system to vacation mode from wherever you are in the world.


By integrating your shades and blinds into your system you can further enhance energy savings and security. During the hot days of the Georgia summer direct sunlight can cause indoor temperatures to increase dramatically.

Help lower your cooling costs by having your shades and blinds automatically close during the hottest parts of the day.​

– Automate Shades, Blinds, & Curtains

– Wireless Options​

Innovative Sight & Sound offers a full line of motorized shades to suit both your design needs and lifestyle. Automated shades can lower and raise based on the time of day, keeping your cooling costs down in the summer. Shades are simple to operate and are integrated into the same keypad as those used to control your lights.  This allows you to quickly and easily change the amount of natural light in any given room with the touch of a button.

Shades can also be used protect valuable furniture and artwork from damaging rays of the sun.

Learn More About our Motorized Shade Solutions HERE


Smart home technology allows your pool and spa to be controlled with the press of a button. This allows you to have full control of temperature set points, pump, and cleaning.

Imagine the ability to login to your system before you leave work and turn on the hot tub so it’s nice and hot by the time you get home

Luna Surveillance Camera Mobile App


When it comes to your family, security is a high priority.  Integrating your security system with your smart home allows you to monitor everything from one app on your smart phone.

Arming and disarming your alarm is just the start.  You can also automate lighting in the event of an emergency such as a fire or home invasion.  We also provide video surveillance solutions.

Our smart homes allow you to leverage your home’s security system to create even more peace of mind.  You can monitor your home from anywhere inside the house, or from anywhere in the world.  Need to disarm the system while you’re out of town to allow someone into the house?  No problem.  Simply hop on your smart phone or tablet and you can disarm the system in seconds.

Integrating your security system also allows you to control lighting functions based on alarm events such as a fire or intruder.  If your system detects either, it can turn on the lights, potentially scaring off a burglar, or giving you light quickly.

Starting a new project? Contact us today to get started on your system design.


Home Automation & Home Theater In Rosemary Beach

Alys Beach Sonos Soundbar

Smart Home and Surround Sound Installation

This project in Rosemary Beach, FL utilized many of our preferred technologies.  It is ideal for showcasing how audio video equipment can be hidden to minimize it’s impact on the decor of the home.

Audio Video Details

Invisible speakers from Stealth Technologies were used throughout the house.  These in-wall speakers are installed during the drywall phase of the project to ensure they blend seamlessly with the rest of the wall.  They are then painted to become completely invisible.

Artwork was used to hide the TV in the living room home theater system.  When not in use it is completely hidden behind a painting.   A Sonos wireless Sound Bar mounted below the TV provides high quality audio and takes up very little space.  Sources include Apple TV, HD Cable, and online music sources such as Pandora and Rhapsody.

This same setup is utilized throughout the house allowing each TV access to music, HD cable, and movies from sources such as Netflix and Hulu.

Home Automation Details

Control4 home automation products were used throughout this installation.  Audio video, lighting control, automated shades, and the climate control system are all seamlessly integrated into touch screen controls.

Lighting keypads were used throughout the house to cut down on the amount of wall clutter.  All the lights in each room can be turned on or off using one button press.  These same keypads also control automated shades and blinds allowing the homeowner quick and efficient control over lighting levels and privacy.

This lighting system also allows the entire home to be turned on or off with the press of a single button.

All of the climate zones of the house can monitored and set from any of the touch screens or smart phone devices.  This allows the homeowners to turn the AC on or off from inside or outside of the house.  This is ideal in a vacation home as you can make sure the house is cooled before you or your guests arrive.  It also allows you to turn the system off remotely in case this wasn’t done before leaving.

Home Automation & Audio Video System in Alys Beach

Home Automation & Custom Home Theater System

This audio video and automation project in Alys Beach was based on a Control4 system.  Everything from the lighting, climate, audio video, and security system can be controlled from iPads located throughout the house.

Home Theater & Audio Video

The architecture of Alys Beach can make projects in this neighborhood very challenging.  The clean lines and fine finishes leave little room for error.  As much as possible TVs are hidden from view using alcoves and pop up lifts.  The master bedroom is a perfect example of how electronics can be completely hidden from view until you’re ready to use them.  Then with the press of a button the TV pops up from a custom furniture piece at the end of the bed.

In ceiling speakers were utilized throughout much of this house.  To help them disappear into their surroundings they are painted to match the color of the ceiling.  While the home doesn’t contain a dedicated home theater room, it does have a high performance surround sound system.

Music is supplied through a Sonos system that allows streaming of online content, as well as utilizing your existing music collection.  All of this functionality is controlled through the Control4 app on iPads.

Whenever possible we try to limit the visible electronic components.  For this particular project all of the video and audio sources are stored in a central location.  This minimizes the overall footprint of the electronics in each room.  A whole house audio video distribution system routes the audio and video to the appropriate room and display.

Smart Home Automation and Control

Simple control is the name of the game.  All of our automation systems are designed to be as simple as possible to operate.  This system allows you to quickly select from a wide variety of audio and video options in each room.

The tablets also offer control of the all of the climate zones in the house as well as the lighting system and security cameras.  Lighting can also be controlled from keypads located in each room.  A lighting system is a great way to cut down on wall clutter in homes that are designed with clean lines in mind.  You won’t find any banks of light switches here.  Just one keypad that turns all the lights in the room on and off.

In this particular case the lighting system was also used to highlight various architectural details of the home.