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Home Automation & Custom Home Theater System

This audio video and automation project in Alys Beach was based on a Control4 system.  Everything from the lighting, climate, audio video, and security system can be controlled from iPads located throughout the house.

Home Theater & Audio Video

The architecture of Alys Beach can make projects in this neighborhood very challenging.  The clean lines and fine finishes leave little room for error.  As much as possible TVs are hidden from view using alcoves and pop up lifts.  The master bedroom is a perfect example of how electronics can be completely hidden from view until you’re ready to use them.  Then with the press of a button the TV pops up from a custom furniture piece at the end of the bed.

In ceiling speakers were utilized throughout much of this house.  To help them disappear into their surroundings they are painted to match the color of the ceiling.  While the home doesn’t contain a dedicated home theater room, it does have a high performance surround sound system.

Music is supplied through a Sonos system that allows streaming of online content, as well as utilizing your existing music collection.  All of this functionality is controlled through the Control4 app on iPads.

Whenever possible we try to limit the visible electronic components.  For this particular project all of the video and audio sources are stored in a central location.  This minimizes the overall footprint of the electronics in each room.  A whole house audio video distribution system routes the audio and video to the appropriate room and display.

Smart Home Automation and Control

Simple control is the name of the game.  All of our automation systems are designed to be as simple as possible to operate.  This system allows you to quickly select from a wide variety of audio and video options in each room.

The tablets also offer control of the all of the climate zones in the house as well as the lighting system and security cameras.  Lighting can also be controlled from keypads located in each room.  A lighting system is a great way to cut down on wall clutter in homes that are designed with clean lines in mind.  You won’t find any banks of light switches here.  Just one keypad that turns all the lights in the room on and off.

In this particular case the lighting system was also used to highlight various architectural details of the home.